Felton Group LLC


One of the primary tools of the private investigator industry is surveillance. Through video, still photography and personal observation, our investigators are able to build a solid case for our clients. However, surveillance by a private investigator is not always as easy as just following someone. The entire process can, under certain circumstances be quite complex. Our experience has taught us that preparation, planning and ingenuity are the keys to a successful surveillance. A good private detective agency is aware that surveillance, though effective can be labor intensive. At Felton Group LLC, we use surveillance teams ranging from just one investigator to multi-person teams. We also make appropriate use of technologies like Global Positioning Satellite transmitters and receivers (GPS). GPS devices can be a force multiplier when utilized by trained and experienced personnel. The experienced infidelity private investigator is successful because he or she utilizes the full array of techniques and technology while conducting surveillance. As a licensed private investigator in New York and New Jersey, we use all available legal technology so that our surveillance by private investigators can be successful and positive results for our clients.






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