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Cold Case: The murder of Kristin O’ Connell

December 15, 2015 by  
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As we approach Christmas 2015 and the coming New Year, we are reminded that the case of the murder of Kristin O’Connell remains open. The murder of Kristin O’Connell occurred in Ovid, New York on or about August 14 or 15th, 1985. This case is actively being investigated by the New York State Police, private investigators, mother of the victim Phyllis O’Connell and friends of the O’Connell family. There have been many theories as to what happened. Over the last two years serious suspects have been developed in this case. Private Investigators, as well as police are actively seeking information on these subjects who we believe are well known to the community. Kristin O’Connell was a beautiful and devoted college co-ed from the mid-west, simply visiting a young man she had a romantic interest in. She had hurt no one, nor caused anyone problems. She had simply made a visit to a small town in the beautiful Finger Lake region of upstate New York to visit a boy. A journey similar to that made by thousands of young people all over. She could have been anyone’s daughter, sister, grandchild or friend. The resulting tragedy devastated the O’Connell family. In the intervening years it is clear that someone, person or persons in and around Ovid, New York knows what really happened Kristin. The investigation has now reached a point where town’s people are talking and coming forward.

If you know what happened to Kristin or have information you think is pertinent to this tragic case please help us solve this case, please email us at info@feltongroupllc.com or call us at 877-343-4846. All information will be handled in a confidential manner.

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