Felton Group LLC


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q.  What kind of issues do you investigate?

A.  We are a full service investigation agency and investigate personal, civil and criminal cases under certain circumstances. We do a lot of work in the area of infidelity, fraud and surveillance.


Q.  How long have you been in business?

A.  Felton Group was formed in 2008. Prior to forming Felton Group our President and CEO was a New York State Trooper with 27 years or service as a sworn police officer, supervisor and high level police commander.


Q.  What area do you serve?

A.  We serve the Hudson Valley in New York and Northern New Jersey. We also take a limited number of cases in New York City due to its close proximity to our operations. We also have professional associates throughout New York and the U.S.


Q.  What are your fees?

A.  Our fees vary depending on the complexity of the matter investigated. We can meet with you and provide you with a free initial consultation. Prior to starting your case we will execute a retainer agreement setting out the expected costs. We think you will find our rates reasonable.


Q.  Can you guarantee results?

A.  What we can assure you is that we will gather and present all the facts to you in a thorough and professional manner and we will do everything legally possible to get you the information you require. No investigator can guarantee a specific outcome with relation to a case.


Q.  How long will my case take?

A.  We will work diligently to investigate your case. It will be brought to a culmination as soon as we have the evidence you requested. Our clients are important to us and we do not waste their time or money needlessly.


Q.  What forms of payment do you accept?

A.  Cash, check and major credit cards, including Amex, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.


Q.  Are there any extra charges?

A.  Yes, we charge for standard expenses like vehicle mileage, tolls, and database search fees.


Q.  Is your company licensed?

A.  Yes, we are licensed by and in good standing with the New York State Secretary of State and licensed by New Jersey State Police.


Q.  Is your company insured?

A.  Yes, we are both bonded and insured.


Q.  Why should I use your service to check on my potential mate or spouse?

A.  Unfortunately we live in a society where deceit, lies and exaggeration are extremely prevalent. Spouses lie to each other and potential mates present false personas. We have the ability to check the information and identify warning signs and problematic areas.  The print and electronic media is filled with tales of deception that could have been prevented by appropriate checks.


Q.  How do we contact you?

A.  We have an office in Goshen, New York and can be contacted via telephone at 877-343-4846 or 845-291-7748. You can also email us at info@feltongroupllc.com.

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